Read what our clients have to say about ClubGoFinder

Joe, ABAL Towing

“Just wanted to leave a short note to say how impressed we are with Graham and the whole team. Their service is always prompt, reliable, and friendly. Any problems are always resolved instantly. Highly recommended.”

M.H. Newman, W.A.

“I can’t thank you enough for your kind and extraordinary support from the time of my initial enquiry, through to sales, set-up and beyond. You have always been there and with a quick phone call, arranged whatever it is I have needed.

Your knowledge of both the product and where I can source assistance has been a contributing factor to my peace of mind and confidence in knowing we have the right product for our circumstances

I will highly recommend you to anyone I meet who is looking for an affordable and reliable tracking unit.

Thanks again Graham.”

OJTL Gold Coast, Qld

“Your support was faultless”


“Since buying and installing my tracker I have had enjoyed product simplicity and excellent back-up support for a product that was potentially very complex for me. very happy to recommend this service, even to those who struggle with technology.”

D.H. Brisbane, QLD

“Looks like our first unit has found its first unco-operative staff member. He obviously couldn’t try to work better so he resigned yesterday but in the last two weeks we found out he has worked about 3-4 days in total out of 10 working days. Without Gofinder it would have taken us a lot longer to find out his actual working hours.”

C.H. South Australia

“I just wanted to let you know we have had excellent success with the GPS satellite navigation units installed in our plumbing vans. They have helped us access staff punctuality and also assisted us with customers who thought our plumbers were on site for shorter periods of time than they actually were. Great tool to be able to show people the reports of the plumbers time spent and travelling to and from jobs.”

G.T. Western Australia

“Since the introduction of the Go-Finder we have found a substantial savings in not only fuel but unauthorized use of company vehicles and time keeping improvements”

M.M. Loganholme, QLD

“We have noticed a drop in our monthly fuel bill (approx $100 per month per vehicle)”

W.N. Morwell, VIC

“My area of responsibility spends around $100000.00 on fuel per year, after installation of the vehicle trackers we have seen a saving of over 15% in fuel reduction. An added benefit to our organisation is from an OH&S perspective as we operate in remote locations and our tradesmen work alone. It enables us to locate our guys if they go missing or are uncontactable by mobile phone, the trackers also allow the admin to see who is closest to a particular job when it is called in so it can be dispatched rather than ringing several to find out.”

M.N. Michigan , USA

“You, as always demonstrate the highest levels of customer service… the best I have experienced to date from any of the vast number of providers from airlines to hotels etc… so thank you.”

P.C. South Australia

“Wow! You are just the bee’s whiskers! Thank you so much…And on a Saturday too. I surely hope your boss is paying you well!”

M.C. Victoria

“The service is brilliant and the reviews I am getting from management are fantastic. I am more than happy to promote your service to any potential clients who may need confirmation on its ability and ease of use”.

A.J. Canberra

“Thank you for your excellent service, you have been very helpful, am sure you will be in the future”

M.T. Sydney

“Again thank you for your assistance in the past couple of weeks in supplying us with an economical tracking solution for our business”

P.A. Melbourne

“You are one of the few businesses I have been dealing with on line and via email who offer a decent courteous service”

G.J.F. Country NSW

“I personally think Gofinder is worth every cent and more for the peace of mind I now have”

J.P. Victoria

“The Gofinder, what an absolute success, already in a short space of time, it has proved itself to be the best intelligence gathering device in my arsenal”

A.P.A. Western Australia

“I didn’t think there were any more good blokes left like you”

C.H. S.A.

“Thank you for your help and speed in setting this up”

M.H.N. Sydney

“As always your customer service is exemplary!”