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The easy way to upgrade your GPS tracking

Live tracking of your vehicles and assets available on demand via your smartphone, tablet or in your office. Save cash flow, pay like a mobile phone plan, and enjoy future proofed 4G/5G technology now.

Hardware + Software

Our hardware and software are designed in unison to create a seamless experience for the end users. CLUB GOFINDER devices are the most reliable in the market.

Future Proof

Our tracking devices are designed for the future. All devices are built with 4G/5G connectivity to overcome the progressive withdrawal of 3G.

Superior Coverage

LTE-M/NB-IoT go further than standard 4g and 3g coverage that we use on our phones. View Coverage Map.

Less Than $1 Per Day

A new way to budget your GPS tracking at less than $1 per day.*

How does it work?

Track your vehicles and assets from $89.85 inc GST per quarter*

Step 1: Choose Your Device

Choose the correct vehicle tracking device to suit your needs. Call us if you are uncertain.

Step 2: Choose Number Of Devices

Select the number of devices you need to track all your vehicles and assets.

Step 3: Subscribe To CLUB GOFINDER

Subscribe today for $89.85 per quarter per device. 24 month minimum term plus free shipping.

Step 4: Receive Your Purchase

CLUB GOFINDER will send your chosen device/devices directly to your address and organise installation if required.

Our Tracking Service

All the information you need at your fingertips

A fraction of the cost of other leading solutions, live tracking of your vehicles and assets available on demand via your smartphone, tablet or in your office.

Rich reports, logbooks, trip lists and maps all included. Pay just like your mobile phone plan.

Ideal for tracking and protecting valuable assets where a compact device is required with simple installation. No external aerials. Low cost but still packs a high quality punch.

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